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Abraham Hicks on Attracting A Clean Desk – excerpted from the Dallas 2010 Vortex of Creation Workshop by Abraham Hicks. In this excerpt Esther Hicks and Abraham go through some very important thought processes with an individual who is struggling with keeping his desk clean. He wants to attract cleanliness but finds that it’s a continual battle, and Abraham really calls him to task about it in her standard humorous way. esther hicks, abraham, abraham hicks, abraham-hicks, jerry hicks, abraham hicks clean house, clean house, cleaning, law of attraction, attracting cleanliness, manifesting order, attracting order, law attraction secret, happiness, self-help, channelling, spirituality, love, relationships, how to fall in love, how to get someone to fall in love with me

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9 Responses to Abraham Hicks on Attracting A Clean Desk

  1. AbrahamFan29 says:

    @susanshelit Wow that Albert Einstein quote was attracted to me at JUST the right time but I didn’t read it until today. Still very poignant tho – I was thinking about how societal rules and regulations are there to make people feel more safe and secure, yet those who buck the need for rules and regulations as a method of controlling the masses teach much different ways of finding personal safety and security, and often thrive in the chaos over those conforming to rules/regs.

  2. AbrahamFan29 says:

    @bohemiana yep you bet, i’ve changed the image on more recent videos, after getting more than a few comments just like yours and realizing the bittersweet irony of the message was conflicting with getting into alignment with life! Let me know if you like the new ones better as they come out :)

  3. bohemiana says:

    Love the vids, thanks. Can you find a more positive image please? I like to think of life as beautiful, or interesting, or exhilerating, etc.

  4. AbrahamFan29 says:

    @peakimages indeed! sounds a little like ‘obligation vs dreams’ doesn’t it? :)

  5. peakimages says:

    So interesting…. responsibility vs. calling…. hmmmm

  6. Hicluster says:

    In appreciation!

  7. susanshelit says:

    “Ordnung braucht nur der Dumme, das Genie beherrscht das Chaos.”
    Order only needs the dumb, the genius controls the chaos
    Albert Einstein ;)

  8. AbrahamFan29 says:

    @jantheempress me too. If I had to try to keep order, I’d never get anywhere. :)

  9. jantheempress says:

    Hehe I’m happy with my “busy desk”

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